Nordic ice drill
Custom made for ice cores 70 - 300 mm


POAC 2009

Between 9th of June and 12th of June the creator of the ice-drill, Lennart Fransson, is hosting the 20th edition of POAC. The acronym POAC stands for Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions. This international conference is being held at the university in Luleå and further information is available at the conference website.

About the drill

Picture of an ice drill

This ice-drill was originally designed at Luleå University of Technology 1981 for scientific work in connection with full scale tests of reinforced ice sheets for heavy loads. Surprisingly few changes have been implemented on the basic core barrel over the years, even though most customers have been inventive ice engineers or scientists with many special demands.

Ice cores with different diameters (70 - 300 mm) and variable lengths can be produced with a custom made core barrel. Multiple sampling of ice down to 8 m depth is possible with a light hand-held drill engine and extension bars. Drill bits can be sharpened or exchanged in the field. Despite its lack of sophistication, this Nordic ice drill might be the fastest and most reliable ice sampler on the market. If you are interested in more information or want to buy the ice drill see contact information below.


Name: Lennart Fransson
Phone: +46-705-159214